The American Kennel Club

To learn more about the Vizsla breed, please visit the AKC web site HERE.

AZ Dog Sports

Arizona Dog Sports is a modern indoor 4000 square ft dog training facility in the middle of Phoenix, AZ – near the Paradise Valley Mall. It is a gym for dogs!

Address: 12639 N 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Phone:(602) 237-6775

Dog Community

Conformation and handling classes taught by Ginny Maese and Memo Cavazos at several locations throughout the week in Phoenix, Mesa and Glendale.

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

The OFA promotes the health and welfare of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease. The OFA databases are core to the organization’s objective of establishing control programs to lower the incidence of inherited disease.  Responsible breeders have an inherent responsibility to breed healthy dogs.  The OFA databases serve all breeds of dogs and cats, and provide breeders a means to respond to the challenge of improving the genetic health of their breed through better breeding practices.  The testing methodology and the criteria for evaluating the test results for each database were independently established by veterinary scientists from their respective specialty areas, and the standards used are generally accepted throughout the world. The OFA databases are listed to the left of this page and are expanded as more tests become available.

Valley Fever Center for Excellence

Two-thirds of all U.S. Valley Fever infections are contracted in Arizona. Nationally, Valley Fever is uncommon and considered an orphan disease. Yet it is so concentrated in Arizona that this state needed an advocate to promote improvements in understanding, medical care, and research about this disease. For this reason the Arizona Board of Regents approved the proposal for the creation of the Valley Fever Center for Excellence at the University of Arizona.

The Vizsla Club of America

In the early 1950s, a group of dedicated Vizsla fanciers organized the Magyar Vizsla Club, later to be renamed the Vizsla Club of America. Since 1953, the club's newsletter, the Vizsla News, has helped inform and connect Vizsla lovers. In 1960, the Vizsla was the 115th breed to be formally recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Vizsla Database

This pedigree database is intended for the community of Hungarian Vizsla and Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla lovers worldwide. With the help of the community they are trying to gather as much Vizsla heritage and information as possible.