Carmen and Riley

GCH Cameo's Wild Gypsy of Seville CGC CD VC SH (Carmen) was bred to CH Koppertone's Irish Eyes of Kilkenny CD (Riley) and a fabulous litter of beautiful puppies were born on May 18, 2015.

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          Carmen is a beautiful, sweet, birdy Vizsla who embodies the finest qualities of the breed. Carmen was bred by Iva Fisher (Cameo Vizslas) and comes from a long line of titled, talented ancestors. For more information about Carmen, please visit her web page HERE. 

          This is Carmen's second litter (for more information on Carmen's first litter out of Tabasco, please click HERE). Carmen delivered a healthy litter of four boys and three girls on Monday, May 18th, 2015. She is a terrific mom, and loves tending to and playing with her puppies. These puppies will be able to go to their new homes around the middle of July 2015.

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          Riley is a very handsome, well-put together Vizsla who is intelligent and eager to please. Riley was bred by Mark and Bonnie Goodwein (Koppertone Vizlsas) and is out of CH Koppertone's California Dreamin" ROM) and CH Russet Leather Kilkenny. This is Riley's first litter of puppies. Riley and four of his siblings earned  show championships, which illustrates the beauty and consistency of his breeding. This is Riley's first litter, and we are very excited about this litter's unusual and unique pedigree. For a five generation pedigree of the Carmen-Riley puppies, please click HERE



Carmen's Pregnancy 


          Carmen and Riley's first day of breeding was March 16, 2015. Many thanks to Mark and Bonnie Goodwein (Koppertone Vizslas) for their hospitality and all their help with this breeding, and to Stacie for rearranging her schedule so that Carmen and Riley could have their "dates."

          Pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound on Friday, April 17th, 2015

Day 5

Day 18

Day 26

Day 36

Day 44

Day 53

Day 61

Day 61

Day 63

On Thursday, May 14th, 2015, Carmen had a pre-whelping x-ray taken to see how many puppies she was having. The general consensus was at least six, and as many as eight puppies.

Carmen's Labor and Delivery

Carmen started going into labor on Sunday night, around midnight. She continued having contractions on and off for several hours. On Monday morning, May 18th, she kept looking for likely places to have the puppies, including an area under the kids' playstructure and underneath Evelyn's bed. When the time came to actually having the puppies, though, Carmen agreed that the birthing suite I had set up for her was the perfect place to have her babies.

Carmen has her first puppy, a boy, at 11: 32 AM, and then has another boy at 11:48 AM. Carmen takes a break for a couple of hours, then has her first girl at 3:12 PM, and then another boy at 3:32 PM. An hour later, Carmen has her fourth boy at 4:22 PM. She has another girl at 5:22 PM and finishes delivering her final puppy, a girl, at 7:12 PM.


Final puppy count - 7 puppies, with 4 boys and 3 girls. Carmen is a terrific mom - very dedicated and oh so proud of her babies!


For more photos and info on this litter, click HERE.